We Love Bikes
All kinds.  Motorized. Electric. Human Powered.
The bicycle was our first taste of freedom. 

Being able to explore the neighborhood, 
local trails, catching air at your buddies backyard ramp, 
all day adventures roaming with friends.

That love has never faded.  2 wheels became a life long passion.

Our favorite era was the 70's and 80's...There were all kinds of new and innovative designs coming to market in the 70's. 

From the simple bolt-together MiniBike, 
like the TACO, to the ultra cool muscle bikes, 
like Schwinn's StingRay or the Raleigh Chopper.

Back then you'd buy a great frame and build it up from scratch. 

It was your unique set up.
Built up your way. 

Great frames like Torker, Redline and Mongoose lead
with "built tuff" designs. 
An entire generation kids discovered their
first taste of freedom on these bikes…

Building and wrenching,
taught us how to tune and maintain them.
Had to learn how all the parts fit together. 
What worked.  What didn't. 
How to modify, when needed, 
Hop it up, to make it better.

Our goal is to bring to market an ebike frame design that gives you
rider position adjustability for all sized riders,
and parts mounting options for a wide variety of custom builds.

It all starts with the FRAME.
Throw in a readily available Off-the-Shelf Bolt-On eBike Kit. 
Gather up your favorite parts.  Make it your own!

With your support on kickstarter
we plan to produce our first production run of this
retro 70’s BMX, Muscle, and Minibike inspired design.

We call it the...
HopMod eBike Frame Kit.

HOP it up. 
Modify it your way!
Build Your Own FUN!

We’re offering 3 choices to get you rolling.
Frame Only, Electric frame Kit, and a COMPLETE.

Please explore the options, take advantage of these
early bird savings, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with
any questions you may have.


We Hope you dig what we’re doing…
and THANK YOU for the support.

Enjoy the Ride!